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How soon must we use the words "war crime"? How many children must be scattered in the rubble of Israeli air attacks before we reject the obscene phrase "collateral damage" and start talking about prosecution for crimes against humanity?

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  1. Yes, Israel's action is (understatement of the millennium) disproportionate, and we must always be aware of the US hovering behind the scenes. The effective apartheid system in the occupied territories is abhorrent and gives the lie to the idea that Israel is a beacon of democracy in a wilderness of dictatorship.

    But... don't forget that underlying all the concern expressed over the Palestinians, the occupied territories, the dead of south Lebanon, etc, is something a little darker. Since 1948, the policy of most Arab states has been to destroy Israel. Not to contain it, not to punish it, but to wipe it out. And the core reason for that is nothing to do with the human rights of the Palestinians or little Lebanese children - it's because Israel is a Jewish state and lots of Arabs and Muslims just hate Jews and want them dead.

    To give credit to Ahmadinejad, at least he's open about denying the Holocaust and wanting Israel off the map, rather than bleating about the rights of the oppressed (maybe it's because he's not an Arab).

    This is what Israel's been facing for nearly 60 years. Their policies, especially since the early 80s, are certainly worthy of criticism and censure, but anyone who joined the protests over the weekend should be aware of what the core agenda of Hizbollah and their Syrian and Iranian backers is.

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