As you'll probably know, RSB interviewee Tom McCarthy has a new book out: Tintin and the Secret of Literature (Granta). See the Guardian extract for more or read Susan Tomaselli's review. We're not big lovers of Tantan around here: although we do pronounce his name in a poncey way just to show how francophilic we are!

Readers Comments

  1. The book cover is idiotic. The font antics are especially irksome.

  2. I like the book cover, it has that Saul Bass feel to it. Not sure what relevance it has to Tintin though?

    If anyone is interested, there's a good Saul Bass resource here:

  3. When I first saw the cover a month or so ago, I thought, "Great, just because the book's about comics they go and use bright signs!"

    You're right about the nice Bass vibe, Lee. And Jochen Gerner's work stands well on its own:

  4. Ah! Thanks for pointing me towards Jochen Gerner. I now understand the relevance of the cover of McCarthy's book - à la 'Tnt en Amérique'.

  5. Yeah, and who knows, maybe the design looks nicer live. So many covers look rubbish online.

    But I'm still not happy with the whole "comics = codes" thing. But then again, signs and codes seem to play a large role in McCarthy's text, so...

    I'd be interested to know if McCarthy had anything to do with the choice. I imagine he did.

  6. comics/codes... the only thing that springs to mind is Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics:
    Excellent read...

    I agree that it probably looks nicer offline (I feel quite sad typing that) than online.

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