Noam Chomsky has a new book out -- Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy -- which was idiotically reviewed in a snide piece of bile by Peter Beaumont in the Observer yesterday (a review glowingly reported on in an idiotic and snide blog by Michael Schaub at Bookslut). A decent response to Beaumont can be read over at Lenin's Tomb and many of the comments at the Observer blog are worth reading too.

Readers Comments

  1. EnBuenOra's comment on the Observer blog was the most interesting. I have never recognised the Chomsky that I read with the one that is portrayed in "reviews" like this. Staggering that it got beyond the editing stage.

    As for Bookslut - do people still bother with that now that it's full of Schaub's drivel?

  2. Bookslut has become smug and stupid. Hiding its liberal reactionary politics behind a facile brand of irony. It angers and annoys me.

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