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Blog entries on '17 March 2006'

Friday 17 March 2006

Good night for radio

I was at the last of this year's Human Sciences Seminars yesterday evening (Dr. Tanja Staehler (University of Sussex) giving an interesting paper on Plato and Levinas on Writing Law), so I missed last night's Analysis programme on Radio 4 presented by Kenan Malik, whose Man, Beast and Zombie: The New Science of Human Nature I enjoyed so much last year. In the programme, Malik was asking "whether humanism still has any meaning - and what politics might look like without a humanist impulse." You can access the programme online, at the BBC, for about the next week.

It was a bit of a vintage night on Radio 4 last night, actually. As I was driving home, I was happiliy entertained by Don Quixote -Spanish romance and the first novel.

Posted by Mark Thwaite
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Friday 17 March 2006

Celan online

I noticed this pretty extensive online archive of Paul Celan poems, translated by Michael Hamburger the other day, but I didn't explicily link to it. Useful.

(Blimey! RSB readers have already managed to bring down the Celan site! Geocities only allow 4Mb an hour bandwidth, so pulling the site down is fairly easy: here's an alternative link to the same Paul Celan poems.)

Posted by Mark Thwaite

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Omens, after Alexander Pushkin

I rode to meet you: dreams
like living beings swarmed around me
and the moon on my right side
followed me, burning.

I rode back: everything changed.
My soul in love was sad
and the moon on my left side
trailed me without hope.

To such endless impressions
we poets give ourselves absolutely,
making, in silence, omen of mere event,
until the world reflects the deepest needs of the soul.

-- Louise Gluck
Averno (Carcanet Press)

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