Irving Layton (the "firebrand Canadian poet and lecturer [who] taught Leonard Cohen"), whose death was first brought to my attention by Ellis Sharp's blog, the excellent The Sharp Side, gets an obituary in the Guardian.

Fine work, as ever, today from Ellis, with his take on the Osama bin Laden / William Blum story and, yesterday, on John Banville's risible play Todtnauberg.

Readers Comments

  1. I too listened to John Banville's radioplay: what absolute awful drivel. The man is totally clueless as to who Paul Celan was, how he thought and functioned and it looks like he knows just as little about Heidegger. But I guess it is only the ignorance of his own ignorance that allows a minor fiction writer to take on an actual event of that order. It's not even hubris, just stupidity. Ellis' ironic putdown was all too gentle criticism, if you ask me. -- Pierre

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