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In January, I became the Managing Editor of The Book Depository website. ReadySteadyBook used to derive a tiny sum of revenue by linking to as part of its Associates Program. There are still many links back to on our site, and they will no doubt continue to generate minibucks, but since the beginning of the year RSB has been linking to my new employers. In case it needs emphasising, neither linking to nor The Book Depository affects, in any way whatsoever, the editorial decisions we make here on ReadySteadyBook.

Oh, and I have a blog over at The Book Depository called Editor's Corner. Go see!

-- Mark Thwaite (15/01/2007)

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I am glad daylong for the gift of song,
For time and change and sorrow;
For the sunset wings and the world-end things
Which hang on the edge of to-morrow.
I am glad for my heart whose gates apart
Are the entrance-place of wonders,
Where dreams come in from the rush and din
Like sheep from the rains and thunders.

-- William Stanley Braithwaite
The Book of American Negro Poetry (Harcourt)

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October's Books of the Month

The New Spirit of Capitalism The New Spirit of Capitalism
Luc Boltanski; Eve Chiapello
Horizons Touched: The Music of ECM Horizons Touched: The Music of ECM
Steve Lake, Paul Griffiths

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