Excellent talk at London's ICA last night between Paul Taylor (author of Žižek and the Media) and Slavoj Žižek.

As ever, Žižek was discursive, endearing, funny and incisive. I never fail to be impressed that he pulls of that mix so effortlessly. (I had the pleasure of meeting him before the talk, and he was exactly the same talking with a group of friends and colleagues as he is up on stage.)

At the end of his talk he mentioned that he was perhaps coming to the end of his tether with playing the role of philosophy's clown (a role he accepted he invented and perpetuated in dialogue and tension with the media) and has almost finished writing a big, boring book on Hegel. I can't wait! Žižek suggested it was going to be six or seven hundred pages long, with the first hundred pages about Plato, and the next hundred or so discussing Fichte.

You heard it here first!

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  1. imanol galfarsoro Thursday 05 May 2011

    hello mark: i don't want to be funny about your scoop but neither yesterday nor super-metropolitan london were the first time and place zizek announced his book on hegel. i'm affraid he's already done it well before at least once in the basque country. merde!
    Apart from that i agree with your assessment of last night gig. it was zizek performing at his best and paul taylor conducted the whole interviewing process marvelously, i believe. not a easy task with someone as hectic as zizek when he comes to the business of talking through the elbows, so to speak. I personally liked one of his last jokes about a costumer in a cafeteria:
    - i would like a coffee without cream
    - sorry, we do not have cream but we do have milk so what about coffee without milk.
    a cracker.
    nice to have met you

  2. Srdjan Cvjeticanin Friday 27 May 2011


    Slavoj Zizek did announce, about a year back, that he was working on a big book on Hegel. There were some rumors that its expected publication date was to be this summer - I haven't been able to find out whether that date is in fact real of just a rumor. Do you, or anyone else, happen to know when the date is? Or, who the publisher will be - then we could contact them to find out.


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