There are so few podcasts worth listening to – Entitled Opinions, In Our Time (unless it's on science), KCRW Bookworm – that is worth drumming out news of a fourth. Colin Marshall's Marketplace of Ideas has been going for a few years but came to my attention only recently when Gabriel Josipovici was interviewed about What Ever Happened to Modernism? If you know of any others of equal quality, please let me know.

So says Steve. And, please, if you do know any decent podcasts, let us know in our respective comment boxes!

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  1. Chris Lindsay Friday 25 March 2011

    I'm a big fan or podcasts, but most of the ones I listen to are science/skeptic ones. "The Skeptics Guide to the Universe" is my favorite of such podcasts.

    I also like the story-telling ones, such as "The Moth" and "The Story Collider."

    I listen to Fareed Zakaria's politics-oriented podcast, "GPS" too.

    Trying to find literature and art podcasts, but haven't found one that suits my interests. I'd be interested to see what others say.

  2. If you'll forgive the blatant self-promotion, OUPblog now has The Oxford Comment podcast:

    That was *very* blatant, wasn't it?

  3. Blatant indeed, Kirsty, but wholly forgivable!

  4. The Backdoor Broadcasting Company has an excellent selection of academic podcasts, spanning the humanities and social sciences:

    Anyone interested in continental philosophy should check out Alexander Galloway's superb 'French Theory Today'. Five lectures, downloadable here:

  5. David is right and I had forgotten about it. I recommend Stephen Mulhall on Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello and Howard Caygill on Kafka's Amerika. Both worth more than one listen.

  6. Not sure if these are available outside the US, but I enjoy the APM and NPR podcasts, particularly This American Life and Radiolab.

  7. The Bat Segundo Show ( has offered nearly 400 conversations with writers, filmmakers, and other assorted cultural figures -- both fiction and nonfiction, highbrow and lowbrow -- for your listening pleasure. No other radio program has asked David Lynch if he understands his own films, has had its interviewer photographed by an angry Vegan in the middle of the conversation, has talked with David Mitchell sitting against a concrete wall in 100 degree weather (after we were kicked out by a hotel) about confronting the terrible in contemporary fiction, has featured numerous bilingual conversations with translators, has seen AM Homes remark on unanticipated class biases, has been asked by Ron Jeremy to feel his bicep, has thrown a handful of change reading IN GOD WE TRUST before Richard Dawkins during a discussion about atheism, and has investigated the niceties of Yorkshire slang (after assembling a lengthy supplemental lexicon to his fiction) with Ross Raisin. Just to name a few.

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