In a fleeting fit of energy midway through last year, I proposed to some fellow bloggers that a symposium, hosted here at RSB, on Gabriel Josipovici's superb novella Everything Passes would be a jolly good thing. Well, as I've discussed (in my recent Hamlet and Lear pieces) it quickly became obvious to me that, last year, I didn't have the energy to organise anything. So, I owe a sincere apology to those friends who wrote some wonderful pieces (which will soon see the light of day here on the site -- hopefully, next week) expecting the symposium to go ahead.

Happily, several bloggers have posted the would-be symposium pieces on their own sites. Richard Crary, Dan Visel, Steve Mitchelmore and now Waggish have all written pieces that expand upon the review Paul Griffiths wrote for me a couple of years back.

Please do read these excellent contributions, and then I'll have a few more up for you here on RSB next week.

Readers Comments

  1. Mark,

    I have one appearing soon(ish) too.

    Nest, Lee.

  2. Good to know Lee. Looking forward to reading it...

  3. Mark, hi there.

    I reviewed _Everything Passes_ for _American Book Review_; you can't get to that via their website, but you can via this link:

    I just finished _Two Novels: After & Making Mistakes_ - excellent work.

    Hi there, Lee!


  4. Nice one. Thanks Jeff.

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