The Book Depository website has a a lovely new look and feel: go see...

Lots of new features -- like pre-release orders, excellent advanced and deep search, browse category landing pages, carousels, tabs etc. -- so, hopefully, you'll like it!

Readers Comments

  1. Very stylish. I like.

  2. All in all it's very nice...and I only have one issue with it. I always used The Book Depostory 'show large image' of book covers to copy over and resize for my blog. Now that the white space has been added around the image, it's too awkward and I've had to seek out an alternative.

  3. I highly approve of the new website - looks great and all the functions I need. Who needs amazon? Not me


  4. A welcome - and (cough) overdue - change!

    Stewart, just use T*'s images instead. But don't give them your money. Yeah, that'll teach them!

    (Then again, I suppose you might search a long time for some of your reviewed titles on their site...)

  5. The changes are nice, especially the new search engine, but it seems as though they're charging their customers for it :P

    Prices have gone up significantly... 2-3 pound on average... Some books even cost 6-7 pound more then they did a few days ago.

  6. To be frank, I dont care a second for the new website, because it has jacked up the prices by about 25% at the very least. The old website worked, and even though the new website is tidier, it in no way deserves the new marked-up prices.

    Back to I think.

  7. I agree with the others! The new website is nice and all, but the price rises are not! I liked the old site and the old prices.
    Book prices in Australia are ridiculous and THe Book Depository has been great for their great prices and service. But it looks like I won't be buying many new books in the future, and back to trawling the second hand sellers for me.

    A warning about the price hike would have been nice for established customers, as I am sure their would have been a stack of wishlist orders made!

  8. yes, the revamped website may look nice but the prices are no longer competitive ( most of the books are no longer discounted or if so by a negligible amount) so it's hello again amazon.

    The bottom line is the price not the appearance of the website

  9. Tom Tuesday 17 February 2009

    The new design is lovely; much more user friendly. The search function is also a huge improvement. Re. prices, I hadn't noticed significant changes - it's a shame if prices have gone up. But then again, the pound has lost 30% relative to my local currency so I can't complain.

  10. Hm, I hadn't looked at the prices. I've checked out the last ten orders I placed with the Book Depository. In seven of those, the prices of the book has gone up, between 6% and 58% (! - for Dag Solstad's Novel 11, Book 18). In three of them, the price has come down between 6% and 8%.

    So there may be some truth to what others have said above. However I shall continue to use The Book Depository as their prices are still typically lower than Amazon, and their delivery is always free. And they're not Amazon, which is reason enough in itself even if their prices were higher.

  11. Having placed my first order on the new site, I am pleased to report that the checkout procedure has been mercifully shortened - the one thing that used to drive me mad about the old site. Very much more convenient now.

    And I love the 'Watch People Shop' feature. Addictive!

  12. Used to like Book Depository... Wednesday 25 March 2009

    I hate the "Watch people shop" feature. Don't want to watch people shop, and certainly don't want people to watch me shop. And there doesn't seem to be an option where you can close the map or not have your purchases appear on the screen. Never shopped there much, don't want to shop there at all now.

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