Now, I know I'm never going to beat Gaiman but -- come on -- I don't want to lose! Vote ReadySteadyBook!

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  1. You've currently got 6.2% of the votes, bringing you in at a steady 7th place. A few more plugs on Facebook and Twiiter should help out!

  2. Edmond Caldwell Thursday 08 January 2009

    Shouldn't he be in Best Celebrity Blogger? The fight was fixed!

  3. Yes, he should... but he'd never beat Wil Wheaton! ;-)

  4. Quite flabbergasting how many votes he has. It's really an author blog, not a literature blog. And it poses many questions about science fiction and web use, no?
    Mark, I feel bad 'cos you let me know about this and I went straight over there and voted for Mark Sarvas! but I believe he's struggling as well. You are all the quality, anyhow. It's silly picking winners.

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