Decent George Steiner profile in the Guardian on Saturday:

Visitors to George Steiner's house in Cambridge are likely to be greeted at the door by Ben, an enormous Old English sheepdog. Like his owners, Ben is used to dealing with the press. "Monsieur Ben, the French call him," Steiner says. "French journalists in particular are always fascinated by him." Ben has appeared, Steiner notes, on the cover of a distinguished literary journal. Is it true that he has discriminating taste in music? "Ravel's Bolero - he growls. But he is fond of Tchaikovsky." "And Duke Ellington," Steiner's wife Zara, a Cambridge historian, adds from across the kitchen (more...)

Readers Comments

  1. These profile narratives - the ones with passages describing the subject with such meaningless precision as "part Mitteleuropean Jewish sage, part brooding modernist dialectician, part scourge of both scholarly narrowness and French theory" - are a bit tired nowadays though, aren't they?

  2. They are a bit, yes. But -- as we've seen elsewhere in the blogosphere -- Steiner isn't as widely known as one would expect or hope. And it's always nice to hear how Ben is getting on!

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