Interesting stuff on Vertigo, the Sebald blog, on changes made to one of Sebald's work prior to full publication:

A fellow book collector who also concentrates on the works of W.G. Sebald recently asked me if I had ever taken a close look at the uncorrected bookproof that Harvill Press issued in 1996 prior to the release of Sebald’s book The Emigrants. I had not; it had been sitting, ignored, on the shelf since I purchased it years ago.

I have written earlier about some of the changes that occurred when Sebald’s book Die Ausgewanderten was published in English. In the original German version the epynomic character of the fourth story is Max Aurach, but in Harvill’s published edition he becomes Max Ferber, in order to hide the fact that this figure was partly based on the living British painter Frank Auerbach...

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  1. Mark - You have no idea how close I came to naming my post on Tinkering with The Emigrants after the David Bowie tune! I even re-read the lyics to see if there wasn't a natural connection. In the end, I chickened out. So my first instincts feel vindicated by your use of Ch-ch-changes (don't ask me how an instinct can feel vindicated, but it can). Thanks for the referral.

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