Mr Stephen Mitchelmore, over on This Space, gives us a perfect thumbnail sketch of Peter Handke:

That's Peter Handke folks, author of Repetition about a 20-year-old Austrian man's journey from his home village to cross the border into a foreign land and "search" for his dead brother using his dictionary of Slovenian terms. And the author of On a Dark Night I Left My Silent House, about a pharmacist who abandons his apoteke to travel across Europe. And author of My Year in the No-Man's Bay in which a writer imagines the adventures of his friends in foreign lands. And the author of Crossing the Sierra de Gredos about a German woman who travels to somewhere probably not-German. All internal worlds avoiding the entirely foreign, apparently.

In his piece, Steve correctly suggests that the title of Handke's book of poems, The Innerworld of the Outerworld of the Innerworld, fairly much sums up his "deep awareness of the paradox of reading and writing" and its relationship to the Real.

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  1. well you can't put handke in a nutshell though steve m. is right about the innterword outerworld being the kind of walnut sides that some people such as the great projector handke can't escape... here are links to no end of handke material...

    and 12 sub-sites [the drama lecture]
    [pertaining to scriptmania matters]

    [dem handke auf die schliche/ prosa, a book of mine about Handke] [the current American Scholar caused controversy about Handke, reviews, detailed of Coury/Pilipp's THE WORKS OF PETER HANDKE] [some handke material, too, the Milosevic controversy summarized]

    Member Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
    this LYNX will LEAP you to all my HANDKE project sites and BLOGS:


    "Sryde Lyde Myde Vorworde Vorhorde Vorborde" [von Alvensleben]

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for all this links -- great stuff.


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