Last Wednesday, over on my Book Depository blog Editor's Corner, I posted an article about The Death of Publishers, referring to the excellent ongoing discussion over on Mssv about this very topic. I’ve now extended my argument a little over on The Bookseller blog. Go read!

Readers Comments

  1. I agree that publishers need to have an effective web site, but I think that ripping books digitally from the web will never replace the need for publishers to produce the real thing.

    I have asked a number of my blogging friends about this issue and the responses are always we would prefer to read a book on paper than read it on the screen.

    It seems that ebooks are liked on the whole by e-book writers and printed books are liked by readers!

    In fact having a book available on line to download for free, can only help the sales of a book as word of mouth spreads about it.

    I am currently releasing my first book in installments on my blog and the feedback from my readers is that they will be the first to buy it when it is published.

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