The handsome and hirsute Mr Anthony Trollope, via Edward Samuels

Penguin has launched an Anthony Trollope minisite (to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Barchester Towers no less!) I've never read Trollope. Should I!?

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  1. Sage, succinct advice as ever, sir!

  2. I totally disagree with Stephen Mitchelmore: Yes!

    The Palliser novels provide insight into politics, strongly drawn characters--including several fully realized, sympathetic portrayals of strong-willed women--and a drawn-out, sensitive depiction of a marriage of two very different partners who despite their differences (and the strictures placed on them by society) are essentially equals.

    Trollope doesn't have the humor of Dickens, the godlike sympathy and understanding of Tolstoy, the fire of Dostoevsky, or the piercing aphoristic insight of George Eliot, but his attention to his characters and the realities of their world make him well worth reading.

  3. But Levi, we do share the same reasons!

  4. Rohan Maitzen Saturday 09 June 2007

    Yes! I second the recommendation of the Palliser series, but there's much to be said for the chronicles of Barchester too, which offer not only astute characterization but nuanced inquiry into the morality of everyday life. Once you relax into the pace (leisurely, I admit) reading Trollope is a lovely experience.

  5. Yes! Trollope is my personal favorite Victorian male writer. Not as mawkish as Dickens or as dismissive as Thackeray (though both of those gentlemen certainly have their merits). Nuanced, as Rohan says. A 20th century sensibility writing about former times. Think of "The Way We Live Now" as a Victorian novel about Enron.

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