Over at Spurious, Lars is listening to Jandek:

Sometimes I think there's nothing I want to hear except for Jandek and nothing I want to think about except for Jandek. Everything else is pointless, non-essential. I listen to Comets on Fire and Espers and Boris and all that sort of thing. It's good, all good, but not essential. I listen to Mark Kozelek, which is nearly essential, and Bill Callahan and Michael Head - all very good, close to essential, but not quite essential. But you have to be careful with the essential, not to come too close to it. You need distance. You need time and space set aside. Sit down on the sofa. Do nothing else. Listen to nothing. Just Jandek. Just that: Jandek.

Me? I'm listening to Jim Fox's beautiful the city the wind swept away (Cold Blue Music). Oh, and the latest Do Make Say Think album which is pretty special too.

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  1. matt (mountain7) Thursday 26 April 2007

    I've just ordered that Jim Fox record -s ounds grand, ta. What do you think of the latest Stars of the Lid?

  2. Hi Matt,

    I love SotL, but I've not heard the latest ... I'll no doubt invest soon.

    The Jim Fox is lovely. Indeed, I've not been disappointed with anything on the Cold Blue Music label and I've got 20-odd CDs ...


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