Here are some Leonora Carrington web links via Victoria over at Eves Alexandria who calls Carrington "woefully undernoted". In the same post, Victoria brings my attention to "Susan Aberth's excellent book on her, Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art, which is well worth the cover price."

Readers Comments

  1. Ricardo Gomez-Roji Monday 30 April 2007

    I am a relativeof Renato DeLuc. He was briefly married to s. Carrington. I wish to correspond wirh her; does any one have a mailing address for her? I would be most grateful. ---Ricardo

  2. Ana María Gomez Garcia Friday 19 October 2007

    This is to respond to Ricardo Gomez-Roji mail. I may be a relative of you. I am grand-child of Anastasio Gomez Roji, who was brother of Ricardo Gomez Roji from Pedro Bernardo. You can email me to

  3. I was a good friend of Bridget Tichenor...a fellow artist and friend of Leonora Carrington. I am creating a web page honoring Bridget Tichenor at .

    I wish to contact Leonora to learn if she might have a photo of Bridget that I may put on the website...and to ask her for any memories that she may wish to add.

    If anyone knows Leonora's email or mail address...or phone...please let me know. Thanks...

  4. Hi,

    Check out the trailer of my documentary titled “Artistas: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone,” which features Leonora!

    Sue May

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