Astonishingly, a very good review of Chomsky's Failed States ("he argues, cogently and convincingly, that a similar drive towards repression is happening again") in the Telegraph:

In the pro-Nazi, isolationist United States of his novel The Plot Against America, Philip Roth creates a fictionalised version of the famous newsman Walter Winchell ... The extent to which Roth intends us to read his fiction as a metaphor for the America of today is moot, but were we to do so Noam Chomksy would be our the best current candidate for the role of Winchell ... There is a plot against America, says Chomsky, and it is real. He reminds us that "the rapid descent to the depths of barbarism took place in the country that was the pride of Western civilisation in the sciences, philosophy and the arts; a country that before the hysterical propaganda of World War I had been regarded by many American political scientists as a model of democracy".

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