Wendy Lesser, editor of the excellent (American) literary quarterly The Threepenny Review, has begun to blog. Well ... kinda! As Scott and Dan have pointed out, it's not really a blog, doesn't have an RSS feed, and seems predicated on a pretty negative view of lit-bloggers! Anyway, welcome to the fray Wendy.

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  1. Wendy Lesser Sunday 02 July 2006

    Thanks, Mark -- I think you are the person who wrote to me to explain why my "rules" were silly, and as I've said on the Elegant Variation site, that's why I took them down. Sorry if no one considers mine a blog, but I thought the definitions were still flexible enough that we could do them any way we wanted. I purposely don't have a feed because I don't really want to have a literary-critical or art-critical conversation in this type of back-and-forth public forum. I agree, by the way, that I am bound to the model of print: it's my home and my ancestry, and I wanted a blog that reflected that bias. But I am very sorry that everyone has gotten all worked up about the rules or nonrules of my blog instead of paying attention to the posting itself. Misunderstandings all round.

    all best,

  2. Hi Wendy, Nope: it wasn't me! Like many, I was a little perplexed by your (since removed) rules, but I didn't email you with my thoughts. Mostly, I was just a little worried about the negative attitude to "bloggers" on which your post seemed to be predicated.

    Personally, I'm happy for you to make up any rules you like, and if you want to call what you've invented a "blog" then that's ok too. You can call it an e-journal, a website or you can call it a flahblahflah -- that's the beauty of the freedom of the internet.

    But if the format of what you write isn't in the usual blog format (at least daily[ish] dated entries with an RSS feed) then, personally, I don't see the point of calling it a "blog". The word website clearly suffices.

    ReadySteadyBook, to my mind, is NOT a blog. It is a literary website which, as part of its many features, has a blog. To reduce RSB to just my blog runs the risk of marginalising all the other parts of the site.

    Anyway, regardless of how you define what you are doing Wendy, I wish you all the best. As I said, "welcome to the fray"!

    warmest regards


    ps Readers can read Wendy's comments at The Elegant Variation here --

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