Its funny how you find things out: all the Herman Broch titles that were printed under Penguin Modern Classics are now out of print. I was shocked to learn this only about an hour ago. And how do I know this? Well, RSB contributor Paul Griffiths has written (back in 2003) a fine book on the serialist composer Jean Barraqué, called The Sea on Fire, which I was talking about with his publisher, Boydell & Brewer, only this morning. I was surfing for more information on Barraqué and remembered that he was a friend and lover of Michel Foucault's who had planned to write a collection of pieces based on Hermann Broch's The Death of Virgil, but who only completed two of the projected parts (Chant aprés chant (1966), and Le temps restitué (1957/68)) before his death.

Anyway, this got me thinking more about Broch and about possibly featuring him and his work here on RSB. Maybe even doing a minisite. But Penguin tell me that he is out of print. So ReadySteadyBroch is going to have to wait until I chase down some second hand copies. (If any of you have any Broch's lying about that you don't want please email me!)

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  1. I have an extra copy of The Sleepwalkers - send me your mail address if you're interested & I'll happily send it to you.

  2. This might not help you in the UK, but Broch's stuff is, perhaps surprisingly, in print in the US. The Sleepwalkers and The Death of Virgil are on Vintage and The Guiltless and The Unknown Quantity are published by Northwestern University Press: This reminds me that I keep promising a post on The Sleepwalkers at my blog The Existence Machine, but have hit a wall... sigh.

  3. Hi Dan -- thanks so much. I'll be in touch! Wonderfully kind.

    Richard -- cheers for this. I'll get on to Vintage and Northwestern University Press and see if they can send me copies. Ace!

    Thanks both.

  4. This is shameful. There's one more Barraqué piece based on 'The Death of Virgil': ' delà du hasard...' A two-disc album on cpo has all three - together with the four other works that were all the composer wanted heard. Odd that his music at present salvages Broch for the great British market....

  5. I have a copy of "The Death of Virgil" and have had so for perhaps 15+ years. Never read it though. FYI though, there's an essay on Broch in Blanchot's "The Book to Come".

  6. It was the Blanchot essay that brought 'The Death of Virgil' to the notice of Foucault, who gave a copy of the book to Barraqué. Monde petit.

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