Nice piece on RSB favourite Morton Feldman over at The New Yorker:

Wilfrid Mellers, in his book Music in a New Found Land, eloquently summed up Feldman’s early style: “Music seems to have vanished almost to the point of extinction; yet the little that is left is, like all of Feldman’s work, of exquisite musicality; and it certainly presents the American obsession with emptiness completely absolved from fear.” In other words, we are in the region of Wallace Stevens’s “American Sublime,” of the “empty spirit / In vacant space.”

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  1. Steve,Joan Porter told me that Frank delivered the first strip on 10th March 1963 and the first seires of 13 began Mirror publication on 6th June 1963. Each week saw a new strip. It was designed for multiple publication - the three Scottish newspapers versions: one having an insert between the four frames. Lucky blighters, more FH!As far as I am aware the second seires followed the first without a break. Publication was completed by early-1964.

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