Back on the 19th May, Steve mentioned The Book Depository. Well, I'm thrilled to say that I am The Book Depository's web-editor!

Fantastically, I have complete and utter editorial discretion and can feature whatever books I like. Most certainly, The Book Depository is a commercial site, but my job there is to surface forgotten, ignored and marginal books, as well as -- for reasons of topicality -- those that have become Books of the Moment by being, for example, Book of the Week over on Radio 4.

At the moment, if you visit The Book Depository site, you may get a wee bit of a sense of déjà vu: a good deal of the content (book reviews and interviews) have come from RSB. But, going forward, there will be lots and lots of unique content on The Book Depository that will be quite different to what you'll read here.

I'm thrilled to be helping The Book Depository folk out. I used to work with the Big Boss (Andy) back in my Amazon days and I know how committed he is to extending the range of books that are easily available -- and at a great price (free shipping on everything!)

I'll also be blogging for The Book Depository over on my Editor's Corner. I'll be focussing more on trade-/publishing-related news and, again, on books (crime, graphic novels, erotic, plainly bonkers) that I don't focus on here - RSB being, after all, a literary site.

Readers Comments

  1. I love the idea of featuring these forgotten or marginal books - one of the strengths of the internet. Do include a few YA or children's titles, if possible. And what about online fiction?

  2. I love this site!! I ordered a book called Kyle Oaks: Fight For The Throne for my son. It is hard to find a book for kids these days. He loved it, it had everything from knights to dragons and a young king that he could relate to. It is hard to beleive that the author himself is only 10 years old, maybe that is why my son had an easy time reading it. I hope the author writes another book of this. If you are looking for a book for a young reader or want to start a young person reading, get Kyle Oaks Fight for The Throne. I read it myself, and for an older person, it was a quick read and fun to read also.

  3. Lawrence Anthony Calabro Sunday 25 May 2008

    If Mr. Thwaite wants to read an ignored book he should try mine on for size "Quartet".

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