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Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.

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  1. Is it just me, or is the 'dumpster diving' still using resources that have been obtained/produced in non-ethical ways?

    This isn't abstaining from the economy, it is simply freeloading from those of us who pay for our goods - which are still being built and sold.

    Are you sure this is for real?

    I never used to be this cynical, I must be getting old.

  2. Ross, dumpster-diving isn't "freeloading"--it is rescuing otherwise wasted material. You'll be paying for the waste whenever you buy the stuff that hasn't been deep-sixed, no doubt about it, but if divers leave it to rot, your costs still won't go down. I'm not a "freegan" by any means, but I think we can all benefit from paying careful attention to what we "need" to buy new [or buy at all] and when we can barter, swap, salvage, or buy used so that we can put the brakes on this consumption machine. We don't have to join them to learn from them---

  3. I'm with KC. I think you couldn't be more wrong about this one Ross. The Freegans are enacting a critique of wastefulness.

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