A quick RSB question for y'all: we've had a few issues with the size of the left column on the blog page. In some versions of firefox it seems to get very wide indeed squashing the middle column of my blog entries to a very narrow pipe of text. We think we've sorted the problem, but need a wee bit of confirmation: do you like the layout of the blog? are the blog columns the right width? do you want a wider middle blog column? Do let me know via the comments on the blog page. Thanks!

Readers Comments

  1. right and centre columns look fine, but the left nav (calendar particularly) looks very stretched to me. i'm using firefox on windows.

  2. I find the blog column often looks a little squashed even on explorer. The far right column doesn't suffer from this problem.

  3. Great Blog ! The left column is much too wide; the text part too narrow. In my version of Firefox, at least.

  4. I use Firefox on Windows XP and all three columns look fine to me. Nothing seems stretched or squashed. Thanks for your work!

  5. I've got the same set-up (Firefox on Windows XP) and can't see anything wrong with the blog page column widths... I've tried various screen-resolutions (640x480;800x600;1024x768;), but they all scale fine.

    But if other people are seeing an issue, then I'd like to sort it out.
    If anyone wants to take a couple of screengrabs, please feel free to email them to me... my email address is on my contributor's page - or just email them to Mark (who'll forward them to me).

  6. Perhaps it is only on Macs (like mine) that there is a problem.

  7. Matt Christie Sunday 28 May 2006

    whatever you did, much better now; thanks.

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