This is unexpected: Robert McCrum has an article in today's Observer Our top 50 players in the world of books. Top of the "ones who nearly made the list" is ... well, me: the Observer seems to reckon that I'm the 51st Most Important Person in Publishing!

Readers Comments

  1. Congratulations. Time to change the blog byline?

  2. Resolute Reader Sunday 05 March 2006

    Well, congratulations, I'm proud to read you!

  3. Well done Mark... I'm really happy that all the hard work is starting to pay off!

  4. congratulations, Mark. About time!!! Well-earned.

  5. As Jane Austen put it, to hazard all, dare all, achieve all ... The publishing industry is like no other industry. If you want to be a lawyer, you go to law school; if you want to be a doctor, you go to med school. There is no equivalent to these in book publishing or film making. The only constant is this: everyone finds their own way in ;-P

  6. Félicitations sincères!

  7. Congratulations are in order. Blogging is democratizing the world of information, empowering the individual ...

  8. Victoria Hoyle Tuesday 07 March 2006

    I think its absolutely wonderful that your lit-blogging (and the site in general) is getting such recognition. Tis honestly deserved.

  9. Congrats of the honorary mention in the article.

    Let's be honest, it's a bit like the late great John Peel's Festive Fifty: his number 51 was always more interesting than his number one. ;-)

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