Yesterday, I posted a brilliant interview with the radical anthropologist Chris Knight. Chris is professor of anthropology at the University of East London and the author of the highly acclaimed and controversial Blood Relations: Menstruation and The Origins of Culture. Please take the time to read the interview (which Stuart did for RSB); it really is very good!

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  1. alvarodecampos Monday 06 March 2006

    I don't and never have bought into Chomsky's so-called radicalism; it is armchair. And didn't he write the Introduction (or Preface) to Irving's holocaust denial book? Yes, of course the English would take him up, wouldn't you; anti-semitism being so endemic to your culture. And as for the idiotic comment that all linguists think him a genius therefore he is one, give me a break. All anthropology seems to be anyway nowadays is an excuse for reification. No anthropologist seems happier than when stomping on Thor Heyerdahl's grave, for example.

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