Widely linked to this, but worth another shout I think: Robert Birnbaum interviews Andrew Delbanco, author of the very fine Melville: His World and Work.

Moby Dick astonished, delighted and thrilled me when I read it a few years back, but if you haven't got the time or inclination (I mean, really, you should have!) do find time to read Melville's astonishing Bartleby the Scrivener (our friends at Melville House publish a lovely edition).

Jodi, over at her wonderful I Cite blog has been talking about Bartleby recently, with reference to Žižek's new book, The Parallax View:

At the end of The Parallax View, Žižek presents Bartleby's "I prefer not to" as the key figure of a new politics, a politics that moves past "the politics of 'resistance' or 'protestation,' which parasitizes upon what it negates, to a politics which opens up a new space outside the hegemonic position and its negation."

You can read all of Jodi's on Žižek at Long Sunday.

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