Came across ReadItSwapIt ("the UK's free book swap shop!") a wee while back, but I don't think I mentioned it. Even if I did, worth mentioning it again: ReadItSwapIt "is a completely free service, so you can swap as many books as you like and you'll only pay for the postage."

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  1. Am I missing something? Doesn't a library fulfil this function, with the added advantage of much wider choice of books and no postage?

  2. A lot of people can't get to a library as often as they'd like to, perhaps because they work unsociable hours or live far away from their not-so-local (nowadays) branch. And what about readers who are housebound? ReadItSwapIt is a great alternative for people who would prefer to browse "virtual" shelves rather than real ones - it's not about replacing libraries, it's about offering up more options so that everyone can enjoy more books and should be welcomed as such. I should say, I'm affiliated with the site so not exactly objective!

  3. Hmmm... so these housebound people who can't get to a library can get to a post office? And the ones who work unsocial hours can't get to libraries that close at 8 (in these parts) but can to post offices that close at 5.30?

  4. I think the point really is that I get the choice of books (in very good condition so far) that I would not get in a library. By swapping rather than buying I have cut my weekly pyout from about £12-15 a week to £5. I joined just over a week ago and have exchanged about 30 books so far. I have not had to pay Readitswapit a penny so cannot see the problem. A great site.

  5. I think book swapping is great, anything that saves me spending 50 quid at Amazon every month has to be a good idea. I've noticed a few new sites out there, one that lets you select any book without having to find a match and is very easy to use is

  6. I would agree that book swapping is a great way of saving money. We all do it on a 'local' level (between friends, family etc.), so it is an excellent idea to bring this to the web, especially if you are unable to get to your local library. If you want another site which I have joined recently which also allows you to request any books of any member (i.e. without having to find a match) is:

  7. I am one of the people that cannot get to the library as often as I would like, I have two children under three, to get out the house in an organised fashion to visit the library is a mammoth task, our library is very poorly stocked; i live in an area where the general populace prefer romance and murder and little in between, i have built up over twenty pounds worth of fines due to forgetting to log on to ithe nternet to renew my books or forgetting to bring books back to library; therefore read it swap it has been a life line for me, it has far more books that i want than the library` who usually do not stock the book i want so yes, it is worth it and for some people, not everyone of course, it makes perfect sense. Now when I go to the library i go for the kids knowing that my literary needs have been met

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