When I interviewed Michael Hofmann back in October, I asked him about Thomas Bernhard's poetry. Michael replied saying:

I’ve read very little of Bernhard’s poetry, just the occasional piece in anthologies. But then I don’t think anyone much has. I like his evolution. Six books of poems and then something like “Sod this!” and a novel, and then many more novels and plays. I’ve only seen two of the plays, Elizabeth II and Heldenplatz, and I thought they were both wonderful. I’d love to translate plays of his. You might be interested to learn that I’ve recently handed in a translation of Frost, that first novel.

Well, those of you - like me - still keen to read Bernhard's poems will be glad to learn that Jim Reidel's translation of In Hora Mortis/Under the Iron of the Moon is forthcoming from Princeton University Press in June of next year. Don't worry, I'll remind you!

Readers Comments

  1. Terrific news! That AND Frost to look forward to. The only thing better would be a brain implant enabling me to read German.

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