I'm glad that John (via pas au-delà) has taken Jessa Bookslut to task for her stupid comment on Pinter's speech, but I do think another lit-blogger should wade in and condemn her facile derision. I wish I could be bothered, but I fear I'll drown my contempt in truculent, opprobrious adjectives. In lieu, I'll quote John asking:

Could this be a scintillatingly ironic performace of the very mendacious, thought-repellent use of language that Pinter's speech describes? Might be. Even at that, though, it's troublesome; too comfortable a gesture, redolent of the laugh track or the dormitory. And I just doubt it. Now anecdotal evidence is not conclusive, but this suggests that the extensive reading of middlebrow garbage along with the exertion of trying to sound hiply ironic about it really does blunt the mind and vitiate the morals. Is there a hell worse than this know-nothing solipsism, this moral idiocy worn like a badge?

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