Two good reviews of Behzad Yaghmaian's Embracing the Infidel: The Stories of Muslim Migrants on the Journey West: Manfred Wolf, at says:

... a gripping tale of hardship, adventure and yearning, of hopes raised and dashed, and of troubled and sometimes heroic adaptations to refugee camps in Bulgaria, tent cities in Greece, slum ghettos in Turkey and, for the luckier ones, fugitive existences in Paris and London.

And Ron Jacobs, at Counterpunch says:

The stories here are poignant and gritty. They tell of the racism and ethnic rivalries within the migrant communities--rivalries that sometimes erupt into physical conflict over control of the human smuggling business; and they tell of friendships that cross those very same ethnic rivalries.

Ron's review is entitled No One Is Illegal; No One is an Infidel. No One Is Illegal also happens to be the name of a campaigning group who challenge ...

the ideology of immigration controls and campaigns for their total abolition. We oppose controls in principle and reject any idea there can be “fair” of “just” or “reasonable” or “non racist” controls. We make no distinction between “economic migrants and “refugees”, between the “legal” and the “illegal”. These are political categories invented by politicians. We campaign to break down these categories and support free movement for all and unity between all.

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