Are you guys interested in this kind of thing? I am, but it is a little ... erm ... specific! PN Online have a good article about the forthcoming changeover to 13-digit ISBNs. I guess if the 10-digit ISBN that sits on the back of all your books holds no fascination for you, you should just quickly move on and forget I even mentioned it:

With little more than a year to go to the deadline of 1 January 2007, how well prepared is the international book trade for the changes to the ISBN? The simple answer is that no one really knows. The sheer scale of the task is a big part of the problem. The ISBN is used in more than 160 countries around the world and is embedded in every conceivable book trade system and application.

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  1. You can rest assured that RSB will be ISBN-13 ready! Although I'm getting a deja-vu feeling of the Y2K Millenium bug syndrome, where everyone panicked, then nothing happened.

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