Sam introduces me to the novelist, poet, critic and translator Raymond Federman.

I hadn't come across Federman before, but I think I should take a look at his work asap. Two articles of his worth a read are: The Real Begins Where the Spectacle Ends and The Necessity and Impossibility of Being a Jewish Writer.

Joshua Cohen, writing in Forward (free registration needed to read the whole review), effusing about Federman, said:

Federman's prose works — from Double through 2001's Aunt Rachel's Fur, the forthcoming The Farm and the book at hand, his new My Body In Nine Parts — are almost invariably plotless but full of narration or thrust, the characters less inventions than voice than they are voice, which is itself incarnations of voices, and the author less Federman than one, or all, of his many, many mouths.

His two most recent publications, coming out of Starcherone Books, are The Voice in the Closet and My Body In Nine Parts: With Three Supplements & Ten Illustrations.

More Federman info and links.

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