New lit-blogs keep popping up all the time. Booksurfer has just come to my attention and looks very decent. Welcome Martyn!

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  1. Trouble with Booksurfer, unlike your own esteemed organ, is that you can't comment on what he's saying. It's all very well for him to lament the difficulty of finding Paul Foot's 'Red Shelley' but Bookmarks bookshop brought it back into print about six months ago. And as for Sendak's book being banned, that's because of the naked baby boy in it, willy an all. But you can't tell him these things because he's being cul-de-sac-ish.

  2. Thanks for mentioning booksurfer - Michael Rosen's comment about booksurfer's apparent isolationism was spot on - so I've rejigged the template and settings, so now anyone reading the blog in future can leave comments. I hadn't known about the reprint of Red Shelley but it certainly deserves to be back in print. I have read and re-read Sendak's books with my own son over the years while he was growing up - I suspect the challenges the book faces in the US tell us more about the people who object to it than about the book itself - deep inside they are probably more scared of the books appeal to the unfettered imagination than the 2 or 3 squiggles on a piece of paper that represent a willy.
    Martyn - booksurfer

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