Stuart Kelly's The Book of Lost Books looks like good fun. Sebastian Faulks, writing in the Times, begins his review:

One of the best stories in Stuart Kelly's excellent account of all the great books that have been lost to posterity concerns the 4th-century BC Greek dramatist Menander. He was revered by Julius Caesar and Quintilian among others as second only to Homer — a sort of early realist, witty, humane and profound. He was the source of the only non-scriptural quotation in St Paul's writing, and, although all his work had been lost, he enjoyed a holy place in the critical pantheon for more than two millennia.

Fascinating stuff!

Readers Comments

  1. I've got it and read half of it. Actually, it goes on a bit. He can read classical languages and it don't half show! The book is serioiusly loaded towards Latin and Greek disappeared texts by authors that only classics harries have heard of. After that it gets a bit sporadic. Great idea, great stuff in it, but a bit padded out with oldies.

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