Titan send their great 100 Bullets series. Latest 100 Bullets: Six Feet Under the Gun looks really good: graphic novels at their best, these ... And HUP-MIT (thanks Ann!) send Richard Rorty's Achieving Our Country.
Reviews in for Ink for the The Present (sub-Zen common-sense business philosophy) and the utterly appalling Jim Giraffe (Jonathan Cape). I hated my first review for them being so negative. And I hated being so negative about a youngish writer's new book. But it was risible; possibly the worst thing I've ever read. Maybe I'm completely wrong: DBC Pierre said in the Guardian's Christmas Books Review "It's very funny. He's [Daren King] a madman." ...
The site still needs an overhaul but reading and reviewing is seriously getting in the way of, errm, reading and reviewing! How does Lezard do it? He doesn't cook, right!?

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